How to start YouTube Channel without showing face to earn money?

If you are here then it’s sure you want to start YouTube Channel without showing face. Starting a YouTube channel is dream of many but most of them don’t want to show their face in the videos. There may be many reasons behind this, but keep the reasons aside the question is “can you start making YouTube videos without showing your face?”. Well, the answer is YES! There is no need to show your face in your videos. But there are a few things you should consider while making YouTube videos.

YouTube as a career

We have seen for a long time now that various content related platforms like Blog and written content platforms, websites, articles and information based platforms have engaged a huge audience in the past. But after the advent of multimedia content platforms, the larger audience has shifted towards video content platforms, and YouTube is the biggest player.

Why people watch videos rather than reading an article or a blog?

In todays busy world, no one has got so much time to invest in reading information when you can just plug in your earphones and watch a crisp and to the point video available on YouTube to find the relevant information. So, here comes the role of platforms like YouTube.

YouTube Channel without showing face
YouTube Channel without showing face

Start YouTube Channel without showing face

There are various such niche available in which you can start YouTube Channel without showing your face. You just need to add some useful information like your voice in the background or some informative transitions and animations in a very engaging and entertaining format that people love it and find it useful.

What you need?

  1. Some basic video editing skills. You can learn basic and somewhat advanced video editing skills in just a few days and that too on YouTube itself. There are many platforms and free courses available on the internet related to video editing. There are many free and paid video editing tools available.
  2. Basic knowledge about YouTube and its policies. You should know the various things related to what and how to make YouTube videos. For this you can visit our article “how to choose niche for YouTube“.
  3. A good knowledge about the topic you are making video on. Keep this thing in your mind, that whatever topic you choose for making YouTube videos, you must have researched it in a proper way and the information you provide must be legitimate to build trust among your audience for the future.

So, now the question arises “what are the most common niche on which you can start making videos without showing your face?” Well there is no restriction to any particular topic or niche in which you have to show your face. Most of the content and information can be conveyed out without showing your face in your YouTube videos. For example, you want to comment on any sport tournament or techniques of a sport, you can do it by illustration using basic animations, by giving voiceover to a video clip, or even drawing a sketch on a digital screen or even using pen and paper and recoding that on your smartphone.

But, if you want to start a reaction channel, I would suggest you to show your face because people are more interested to see your face on YouTube videos and your reactions on your YouTube videos.

Some niche/topics you can choose to make YouTube videos without showing your face-

  1. Storytelling. If you love reading and writing stories, then you should definitely start making YouTube videos related to storytelling by giving your voice-over and some dramatic sound effects in the background without showing your face.
  2. Facts. You can give facts about any topic you find interesting using some basic animations and transitions. Or even a simple presentation made on PowerPoint.
  3. Gaming. If you are a gaming freak and want to create some content related to your skill, then you can go for voice dubbed gameplay videos type of content for your YouTube channel and that too without showing your face.
  4. Arts and craft. If your like to create things and have a leaning side towards DIYs, arts and crafts, and really want to show out to the world the skills you have and the beautiful outcome of these skills using basic tools, then you can start making arts and crafts videos by just recording them on your smartphone.
  5. Music and beats. If you love music and also can create your own beats and stuff, then YouTube is a great platform to engage with people. One thing you need to keep in mind is that you do copy any content, any beat and music to your YouTube channel because it may lead to copyright claims and other violations of YouTube policies.
  6. Poetry and narration. If you love writing poems, and similar stuff, then you can tell your stories and poems to the world without showing your face in your YouTube videos.
  7. Informative videos. You can create YouTube videos without showing your face if you want to give out information regarding a wide array of topics.
  8. Educational content. If you love mathematics, take a pen and a paper, record the concept and post it on YouTube. If you love science and technology you can do the same or use animations and transitions without showing your face in your YouTube videos.

Well, these are some of the many topics and fields on which you can start making YouTube videos without showing your face. For more such informative content, do read other articles on and share it if you find it helpful.

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