Truecaller Premium MOD APK 12.35.5 (Gold Unlocked)

Truecaller Premium MOD APK


In this era, we can see that how fast technology getting advanced day by day with AI and other generation. In this modern period people can simply connect with each other by texting, messaging, video calling, or through internet and so many other ways. Now days people can gather information about any topic in just a second with the help of internet on their phone.

True Caller is one of the best resources which work for users and his data. By this we mean that if someone using TrueCaller Premium MOD APK, they can easily get the information of unknown caller who’s try to call them like you can see his name, location, opening and closing hours, email-id, and other address.


Truecaller is come in market on 31, May 2012 an application which helps the user in communication. It known as the best caller id application available on Google play store, True caller is one of the trending apps. On average it has 500,000,000 downloads and 13,000,000+ active users. And India come in no.1 to using this app more than other country.

True caller gives users to much more features that doesn’t have any other apps like giving information of the calls for example caller id, caller other contact details, his location, address etc. By just entering a mobile number you can also get the information of any person If the mobile number is registered.

And you can get other information like details about call logs, you can see any guy you want is on-call or online or not or more important you can send money by True Caller embedded UPI options. If you download it you don’t need to use any other app because of its interesting features like UPI app, QR Scanner etc.

Truecaller Premium MOD APK

Truecaller Premium MOD APK is best and trustable modified version of the true caller app because of its 100% virus –free. you can simply move around or surf on this app without any hesitation, because it provides you full phone security or data security. And this Truecaller Premium MOD APK interface is same like official True caller app. So, try it and have fun.

Truecaller Premium MOD APK


Gold Caller ID:

It is the upgraded or we can say modified application, you can use gold caller id in this app which gives you totally different look of interface as well as the caller id. It is one of the best features of this Truecaller Premium MOD APK and its worth is 5000.00 INR.

No ads:

The good thing about this app that everyone like it that there is no advertisement in this app. So, you can do your work on this app without any disturbance.  it is the worst thing to stuck in the advertisement while doing the important work. So, it’s a best feature available on True caller Premium APK gives you with no ad interface.           

Spam Blocking:

True Caller help you to deal with spam calls and messaging by simply turning on the Spam Block mode in it. True caller premium APK settings allows to block all the spam calls and you can see the list of all spam calls.

Who viewed my profile:

There is so many users in this True caller app on daily basis. And someone is trying to search you by your number on this app you will get notification in this app by their name and information.


Truecaller Premium MOD APK is powerful app with his best features, we can say it is the all-rounder application and you can use it to make calls and messaging, call recording, getting information, blocking spam calls and so many tasks. It is a secure android application. Try it download it today and enjoy it features.

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Q. What is Truecaller Premium Gold Mod APK?

It can be said that Truecaller Premium MOD APK (MOD Gold Member Unlocked) is one of the indispensable applications in your mobile device. Download this great app now to keep your phone free of unwanted calls and connect with the people who matter. Introduce about True caller. Free call to friends

Q. How to get Truecaller Premium?

You can buy Truecaller Premium MOD APK with:

  1. Credit card (Debit card is not supported)
  2. Through your carrier plan (Confirm with your carrier)
  3. PayPal.
  4. Google Play Gift Card.
  5. One-time payment for Yearly packages only.

Q. Is True Caller Chinese app?

True caller is a Swedish company founded in 2009 in Stockholm, Sweden by Nami Zaring halma and Alan Mamadi. The app began when our co-founders were just students who wanted to create a service that would easily identify incoming calls from unknown numbers.

Q. Is True caller safe in India?

NEW DELHI: True caller on Tuesday asserted that its app is safe for use by the public as well as military personnel after the Indian Army added it in the list of 89 banned apps

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