New Features of Traffic Rider MOD APK v1.81


Welcome, Guys here we are gonna talk about the modern time everyone has a access to mobile phones. And if you like motorcycles then you are going love to see this Traffic Rider Mod APK. It is Android game that can get you to sit for hours. Traffic Rider Mod APK game contain everything that needs to be in game like cool bike and road.

In this era the game developers getting making huge kind of benefits from these kind of mobile game because of regular increase of the gamers on Android. By this continuous increase developer and company adding more and more android games like Traffic Rider Mod APK.

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Like other apps, Traffic Rider APK follows a FPP (first-person perspective) view for gamers you can easily tilt your phone to avoid obstacles and touch your screen for breaking and speed increasing. You can feel reality based road where you can avoid cars obstacle and move to the next mission, you can choose any language the developer of this game offers 18 languages as it is played by world-wide.


  • Career: career mode is with 70 or more missions from easy to difficult.
  • Endless: you can use endless road with 2 option of 1-way or 2-way roads, and can reach at your highest score.
  • Time trial: you can test your-self with timer and see how far can you go in timed allowed.
  • Free ride: you can use racing with no time and distance limits.

Moreover, you get max professional racers of the country in endless mode. So you can try to compete them with fun and make your skill more advance. You can download Traffic Rider APK game at free of cost through google.

credits: googleplaystore


              This Rider APK provide you a realistic 3D graphics, latest and beautiful and advance or luxurious car models.

You can see the lanes of road and weather sometime sunny or rainy. Also experience day and night change in the game.

And the sound of this game is very detailed with realistic cars engine sound, you also feel the sound of air when cars is running on max speed you will hear sometime sound of broken glass or some rainy fallen sound etc.

                   Traffic Rider comes up with so much detailed of sound and images so that gamers can enjoy the game at their most happiness.

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This Mod version comes with outstanding feature. Gamers can use these features at free of cost and not have to pay extra money on them.

  • This games all features that gamers experienced in the free version
  • No ad included
  • No internet needed
  • Secure installation
  • Extra lives
  • Traffic Rider have unlimited money which satisfy gamers
  • Unlimited keys, and gold
credits: googleplaystore

Tips and Trick for playing Traffic Rider Mod APK

      This racing app are look like easy but Traffic Rider Mod APK is different form the other games so that you may require some tips. If you are exciting to take your game to next level for unlimited money, then check below:

Focus on your stats:

                   After finishing every goal, you need to check your stats on your screen you get total information like distance travel and close passes, high speed and etc. from that you will see that you completed the task fully or not as well as your total income. Use these tips to improve next time and try to beat your previous record!


In this game you have to focus on different maps or different goals, as you finish your one task you will get another which is more difficult than last one so try to focus on them as much as you can you will see your goal at the top of your screen. You get some tough obstacle which you have to clear in certain time you just need to focus on them.

Play Endless Mode

As you increase your level you get more and more difficulties, your previous bike may not have enough heat treatment so that’s why it’s important to unlock the new bike as fast as you can but still you can do this only with max money in your account. So how to get more money its simple play the endless mode! It has no time limit but have some few challenging task as time goes on. So just focus on this mode and practice your skill more and more and earn money.

credits: googleplaystore


Q. How do you play traffic rider?

Basically, Traffic Rider take place in first person, with the player looking over a set of handlebars. One button is the gas, another is the break, and tilting the phone back and forth controls the direction your rider is leaning.

Q. When was traffic Rider released?

23 December 2015.

Q. Is there any other good game comparing Traffic Rider MOD APK?

Yes, you can access many more interesting game from APK² MOD APK Games section.

Q. Does traffic racer have multiplayer?

Absolutely real-time multiplayer traffic racer experience.

Q. How to download Traffic Rider game for free.

You can download this game form Google Play Store for free.

Q. Is it necessary to remain online?

 No once you install the game you don’t need to be online anymore.

Q. How do you collect more money?

You need to run faster, and clear the obstacles and you are done.

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