How to Save Battery in Android Mobile? 5 Best tips to save battery.

Your android is consuming a lot of batter even more than you expected? We have brought you the best article why which you will get to know all the tricks and tips to Save Battery in Android Mobile just in very simple steps.

Why need to save battery?

We all have phones right there in our pocket, or near us. And in nowadays mobile phone has became a very useful asset of our life. After breakout of COVID-19 maximum of companies are offering work from home jobs which only needs mobile. Many of office works, youtubers, bloggers, vloggers can’t earn a single penny without having a mobile. But the main thing is that everybody has mobile but due to excessive work and usage of mobile phones battery of these phones exhausts in a very few time, which is most sad part of android mobiles. So to tackle with these problems we need some tips and tricks so that we can Save Battery in Android Mobile.

Which mobiles need to worry about battery life?

Nowadays many of android mobile companies have taken initiative to tackle problem of low battery life. They are offering batteries like 5000mAH, 6000mAH. But the main problem with these phones is that they become very bulky and maximum of us need a simple, sleek, light phone so that we should not have to carry the load a bulky thing which always remains stick to us. So if you can take a load and carry a bulky mobile then you don’t need any battery saving solution. But if you need a sleek and light phone which has battery about 4000 or 4500mAH then you need to worry that how can you Save Battery in Android Mobile.

Battery Saving tips for android
Battery Saving tips for android

5 Best tips to Save Battery in Android Mobile:

  1. Minimize your screen time: You can reduce screen on time of your android mobile to Save Battery in Android Mobile. Just go to settings>display settings>screen time, and select as low you can like 30 seconds or 1 minute. Don’t choose option more than 1 minute. This will definitely minimize your battery drainage.
  2. Lower the ringtone sound: This is literally a weird but definitely a very good idea to Save Battery in Android Mobile. You just need to lower the volume of ringtone for any notification or call. Nowadays there is no need of high volume of ringtones as mobile phone remain close to us every time.
  3. Close previous used apps: When you are done using an app then you should clean up the recent apps running list this will close the apps and stop it working in background and lead to battery saving.
  4. Set a limit of background activities: You can set a background limit of running apps. Which means you can have control that how much apps will work in background. You just need to turn on Developer Option in your android phone. After enabling developer option just open it in settings. Find set background apps limit option and select the number according to your convenience. We recommend you to select 1 or 2 apps to Save Battery in Android Mobile.
  5. Lower the animation speed: This is one of the best but unknown way to save battery. To reduce the animation speed just open the developer setting and find the animation speed setting there. You will find the animation speed will be 1x by default there. Just reduce it to .5x to see a drastic change in your battery life.

We have suggested you the best and easy ways to reduce Save Battery in Android Mobile. You will definitely find battery saver mode option in your android mobile. But this setting will not work as good as these methods will work for you. You can use battery saving mode and these setting at a same time to Save Battery in Android Mobile in a drastic way. To know more Tech Tips just stay connected to our website.

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