How to relieve stress, depression and anxiety without consulting any doctor?

Stress, anxiety and depression has became very common keywords in today’s world. Everyone is talking about how stressed they are in their day to day life. But what’s the actual thing about these topics that each one of us should be knowing. Let’s know the reason behind these problems and find out that how to relieve stress, depression and anxiety without consulting any doctor?

How did someone gets into stress, anxiety and depression?

Let me tell you about the story of a young person in his twenties. He was just like any other man in his early twenties, full of enthusiasm and charm. Let’s name him Akash. Like his name he had dreams to catch the sky, but in pursuit of his dreams and carrier he started loosing the very basis of his happy life. Matter almost got out of control when he tried taking his life once. But what did he do to get out of his depression, anxiety and the constant feeling of loneliness?

If I start telling you this and this are the reasons behind your stress and depression, then its probably not the right way to describe it. Actually there is no single cause of anxiety and depression. It can occur for a variety of causes and reasons and it has many different stimulating triggers. For someone, an upsetting or stressful life event, such as divorce, illness, job or money/financial issues etc. can be the cause. Also, different causes combined together can be the trigger of someone’s depression.

Stress, Anxiety and Depression Treatment

Anxiety is a slightly different case:

Anxiety can be normal in stressful situations such as public speaking or taking a test. Anxiety is only an indicator of underlying disease when feelings become excessive and interfere with daily living. Everyone gets a little anxious in different situations in day to day life. Increase in heart rate, sweating, fear of getting mocked, etc., are some common examples.

Anxiety can be overcome with practicing public speaking, talking to more and more people, being open when sharing your feelings with your loved ones and many other things which not only improves your public life but also enhances your personality. Severe cases of anxiety should be properly consulted after a qualified doctor or practitioner. And medications should be the last step one should take.

How to relieve stress, depression, and anxiety without consulting a doctor?

There is no hard and short way to deal with it. But according to experts, here are some points using which one can deal with depression:-

  1. Talk to someone. One should not hesitate to talk about his/her mental health especially to his/her family and close trusted friends. Keeping such things to yourself can furthermore risk the chances of mental breakdowns. So, always try to share your feelings, even the small things that bother you about your life. This may seem a very small step to take, but its the toughest one.
  2. Living a healthy lifestyle. It is not too much to ask for. A healthy lifestyle always benefits you in a long term.
  3. Practice yoga and meditation on daily basis. Yoga and meditation can act as a very crucial remedy to deal with stress and anxiety. It can be performed anywhere, anytime and by anyone.
  4. Spend some time with friends and family. Try to spend some quality time with your family and friends. The people who matters the most to you, are the ones you should open up with daily.
  5. Playing with children. If you have children in your family, try to spend some time with them. Children are full of life and joy. They are far away from the concepts of stress and depression and spending some time with them can really make you more curious about life.
  6. Choose a sport. It will not only make you physically active but will also help you gain mental happiness as you will automatically start spending more quality time with your friends.

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Medications and allopathic treatments should always be the last step one should take if he/she feels that he/she is not able to overcome stress, depression and anxiety over a long period of time. Even after all you find it hard to to cope up with your anxiety and depression, you should probably consult some specialist.

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