Best Breathing Exercises For Anxiety And Stress Relief

Best Breathing exercises for anxiety and stress can save your precious life. In today’s world there is al lot of pollution around us. Mostly in cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, in India, air quality is very low. This leads to different type of disorders in human being related to breathing. But best breathing exercises can maintain your life very well.

What is need of breathing exercises?

In the cities the life is so stressful too. To tackle these problem everybody should increase their immunity level from inside and first thing to do is to maintain their breathing. Most of people are suffering from stress, anxiety and depression in the cities because of various type of issue like financial issues, family issues, and many more. The environment in which you are living plays a great role in these situations. In today’s world the way of living is very much busy so in the harsh environment along with the bad air quality most of people suffer from asthma, COPD, and many more breathing related diseases.

To tackle all breathing problems and ensure your heathy lifestyle you should definitely do breathing exercises. This is not only help to reduce the risks related to breathing related problems but also make you a peaceful soul. And if you are peaceful from inside this means that you will never get in trap of anxiety, depression or any type of stress.

Breathing Exercises For Anxiety
Breathing Exercises For Anxiety

Best Breathing Exercises For Anxiety And Stress:

You will only get the maximum benefits out of it if you will do it on daily basis without seeking for a gap. So before starting just give a promise to yourself that you will do it regularly.

If you have really serious problem of stress, anxiety and depression you can read “How to relieve stress, depression and anxiety without consulting any doctor?” and find many more ways other than Breathing exercises to get relief from anxiety, stress, and depression.

Things to know before starting Breathing Exercises:

  • Take a perfect and appropriate position while sitting, laying down or anything else. Also select a well airy place to do the breathing exercises.
  • Find a place which is noiseless or has very low noise.
  • You should do breathing exercises twice per day but if you are a busy person then you have to fix a specific time to this. Morning time is considered as best time for exercises.

How to do Breathing Exercises for Anxiety and Stress Relief?

  • Find best comfortable place for doing breathing exercises.
  • Be sure you are in an airy place and peaceful place.
  • Decide a proper place to for breathing exercises if it is possible to maintain you so.
  • After every setup just sit down in a relaxed posture and close your eyes.
  • Take deep breathes. Inhale from nose exhale from mouth. Do this for 5-10 minutes.
  • You can do various Pranayamas like Anulom Vilom, Kapalbhati, Bhastrika, etc.
  • Pranayamas are known in Indian culture from very ancient period. They have power to cure many of diseases without any harmful effect like allopathy.

What not to do while doing breathing exercises:

  • While doing breathing exercises never choose a closed place to do so. Just choose an outdoor place for doing these type of exercises.
  • Never ever exhale and inhale so fast. To get full out of it you should do this process in a gentle way.
  • Do breathing exercises when your stomach is empty. The best time is early in the morning, but if you can’t do it in morning then you can do it anytime after 3-4 hours of meal.

Hope you got to know many of thing about breathing exercises. We have shared maximum of our ideas that how to do Breathing Exercises For Anxiety And Stress but for sure we are not fully sure that we have given the maximum information about his topic. So if you have any idea which have forgot to mention, please share that on our comment section.

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